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IC card (Integrated Circuit Card), also known as a smart card (Smart card), smart cards (Intelligent card), a microcircuit card (Microcircuit card) or microchip cards. It is a micro chip embedded in the card base in line with ISO 7816 standards in the form of a card made. Communication between the IC card and the reader can be a contact or non-contact. The communication interface to the IC card into a contactless IC card, contactless IC cards and dual interface (along with contact and contactless communication interface).

IC card information carrier is yet another card after appearing. IC card is an IC card, usually with a bus card is an IC card, the general common IC card using radio frequency technology and support IC card reader communication. IC card and magnetic card is different, IC card information is stored by IC card, and the card is magnetically recorded information card. Generally higher than the cost of the IC card magnetic high, but better confidentiality.

Non-contact IC card, also known as radio frequency card, referred to as RF card (Radio Frequency) is a method of transmitting data wirelessly integrated circuit cards. By the IC chip, sensing antenna, and fully sealed in a standard PVC card, no exposed parts. Reading and writing process non-contact IC card, usually between the non-contact IC card and reader via radio waves to complete the read and write operations. Capable of sensing electromagnetic radiation to the spatial frequency of the frequency range between 300KHz ~ 300GHz. AC (variation of less than 1000 times per second is called a low-frequency current, greater than 10,000 times referred to as high-frequency current, which is such a high-frequency current radio frequency (greater than 10K);. RF (300K-300G) is a high-frequency the higher frequencies; microwave band (300M-300G) is higher radio frequency band).

Non-contact type IC card itself is passive body, when the card reader to read and write operations, the reader signal emitted by the superposition of two parts: one is the power signal, after the signal is received by the card, with its own L / C generated resonance, produces a momentary energy to supply chips work. The other part is combined with data signals, command and chips for data, modification, storage, and returned to the reader. Born contactless cards, successfully resolved a passive (no power supply card) and avoid contact with this problem, it is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices. Mainly used for public transportation, telecommunications, banking, yard management. The main features include safety certification, Wallet, data storage. Common access cards, belonging to the second generation ID card security authentication applications, and bank cards, subway cards is to use e-wallet functions.

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