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IC card and ID card which is the difference?

The full name of the IC card IC card (Integrated Circuit Card), also known as smart cards (S mart Card). Can read and write, large capacity, encryption, reliable data recording, easier to use, such as card systems, consumer systems, there are mainly PHILPS Miifare series of cards.

Full name ID card identification card (Identification Card), proximity card is a non-written, with a fixed number, there SYRIS of EM format Taiwan, the United States HID, TI, MOTOROLA and other types of ID cards.

IC card, when used, must be followed by the first inter-IC card and reader device-specific bidirectional key certification to carry out related work, so that the whole system has a very high security.

Therefore, it must be manufactured IC is initialized (ie encryption), the purpose is to generate unbreakable key card system at the factory after the IC card, in order to ensure the safety of card payment mechanism system. IC card initialization encrypted, to the user, the client through the IC card issuance systems, in turn generate a private key card for each user their own system. This ensures that the user card issued in the other user's system can not be used in the system to ensure the specificity of the system, thus ensuring the safe use of the system mechanism.

ID card and magnetic card, like, are simply using the "card number" only the card in addition to card number, but without any security function, the "card" is open and exposed. So, ID card is the "magnetic induction", it simply does not need or do not need to master initialization problem.

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